if in case you changed your mind? Eliton understands and we’re happy to offer you a refund in accordance with Elton cancellation policy.

Canceling your project:

In case you changed your opinion and decide to cancel your project after paying the booking amount (10% of project value), Eliton will offer a refund of half of your booking amount.

You can cancel your project at any time between booking and placing of your final order (between 10% and 50% payment).

Note: No refunds are entertained if you cancel your project after 50% of your payment. However, we would like to give a chance of redressing your grievances, if any, in order to help you change your mind. Tell us how we can serve you better by writing to Info@elitonindia.com or speaking directly to concern relationship manager or executive.

Cancelling/ replacing product(s) in your order

Design stage: if any product is in the unconfirmed BOQ can be replaced or removed while you’re still discussing designs with your team i.e. till the Sales Order is not created.

Post final order: Because each item is made to order, Elton cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items once the final order is placed i.e. a sales order is created. However, we will always be pleased to assure that your design team will always explicitly discuss all items with you before placing orders.

How do I request a return?

Please write to us at info@elitonindia.com within 7 days of receipt of your order.

When will I receive a replacement?

When a return request is accepted, the timeline for the replacement will vary product to product. A Eliton representative will always keep you informed at all times, and we will make all efforts to make your new product reach you very soon.

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